Before and After DM 140


This documentation is for redesigning the Ensign course DM 140: Web Management. The course has been redesigned to update course content, improve assignments, and create an online version of the course.

Course Background

Course Description

This course is designed to equip marketing students with the technical skills to build, manage, and update open-source WordPress websites for businesses. Through this course, students will comprehensively understand HTML and CSS fundamentals and gain hands-on experience using open-source technologies such as WordPress to create and manage websites.

Course Learners

  • Undergraduate students.
  • Students in the marketing program: in digital marketing, social media marketing, and communication certificates.

Course Characteristics

  • 3 credits.
  • 14-week course.
  • 1 section per term with about 14 students in each section.
  • Taught fall, winter, and spring quarters.
  • The redesigned course will be taught for the first time in fall 2023.
  • This course will be offered both in-person and online.

Home Page


  • The home page is simply directed to modules.


  • Created a home page that included a welcome and introduction.
  • Link to the syllabus.
  • List Course Objects.
  • Ordered links to weekly course modules.



  • Modules have no intro.
  • The preparation material is outdated.
  • The quiz did not effectively test for preparation.
  • Weekly content was not easily navigatable.


  • Module content has a weekly overview.
  • Clear sections to move learners through content.
  • Content updated.



  • Assignments were very basic.
  • Not enough information was provided by the prompt


  • Clear real-life project.
  • Detailed project guidelines.
  • Grading criteria provided.


Thing I Learned

  • Flexibility in teaching: Online teaching requires a different approach than in-person teaching. Be more flexible in your teaching style, adapting to the online environment and catering to students facing different challenges while learning online.
  • Accessibility: Moving a course online can offer accessibility benefits to students who might not have been able to attend the in-person course. Cater to the accessibility needs of all students, including those with disabilities, through online tools and features.
  • Course design: Designing an effective online course, including creating a clear course structure, organizing content effectively, and using multimedia and interactive elements to enhance the learning experience.

Course Map

Course Map