PEDRA Research website

PeDRA was formed in 2012 by leaders of the Society for Pediatric Dermatology (SPD) with the goal of bringing together pediatric dermatologists to collaborate on research that could not be accomplished alone or without coordination.  In this way, PeDRA is generating meaningful data to support health care decisions and improve the lives of patients and their families, while building a community of linked and research-ready clinician scientists in the field of pediatric dermatology.

PeDRA is a collaborative research network, providing a platform from which pediatric dermatologists organize studies and collaborate, while also supporting individuals embarking on early stage research that may or may not benefit from collaboration in future. Pooling resources and linking investigators together multiplies the power of each individual clinician scientist many-fold. With more than 300 clinician researchers representing more than 145 institutions, PeDRA is accelerating research and bringing new treatment opportunities for children.

PeDRA is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works in close collaboration with, and serves as the research arm of, the Society for Pediatric Dermatology (SPD).

Over the years, Hales Creative has done a number of projects for PEDRA Research including initial brand design and website. As PREDA has grown and evolved over the years, website needed an update and needed new features offered, but in order to accomplish that they needed a brand refresh first. After the rebrand, I designed (along with our Hales team) the website.

With a growing need to create outreach opportunities to patients as well as improve collaboration of researchers and physicians, the website needed ways to better communicate and interact with users. These requirements made this the most extensive web build to date with many development projects within the main website project. This project required my first real build-out of a membership platform website. I also integrated a forum for member communication and collaboration. The use of forms on this site is very extensive providing an interactive, smart form as part of the membership application process. The client requested a membership dashboard where members could view their online information and review it periodically. The dashboard also regulates member only information and pages.