Why are small business owners not using social media?

When I started my first business, not many people used the web. Google was not there for me, no Facebook Fan Pages, no Twitter, no Instagram, and no Foursquare check-in. Social media… what was that? TV ads, print ads, and direct mail were expensive for me to run long campaigns. Not a lot of inexpensive ways to get my company out in front of my desired clients.

I enjoy visiting small businesses, attending farmers markets, and any place I can meet interesting talented entrepreneurs. I love the small business owner and often ask business owners how I can follow their company. The responses surprise me, often a company has made no efforts to create an online presence. No Facebook, no Twitter, no Pinterest, no anything. Other times I am told I can follow the company on Facebook or Twitter; but when I go to Like or Follow, there is no activity from the company on their page. Often the business information is incomplete or contradictory between social channels.

Why Social Media

Social media can offer an abundance of contact points for potential customers. So no matter where you client hangs out online you can be there, this does not mean you have to be everywhere and on all of the social sites. You can target the social channels that your best customers frequently use.

Use of social media also attracts the attention of Google and other search engines. Their task to offer up the best, most relevant information to their searchers’ inquiries. If you can answer questions, resolve concerns, and provide relevant solutions in your social channels you will rank better in search results.

Final Thoughts

Reflecting back on all I have learned in my business experiences, I wonder why in this age of opportunity so many companies are not utilizing social media. This is where I get confused, I know all about the struggles of starting a company. It’s tough. Time is precious and money is scarce, but here you have a medium to reach out, connect with your customers, and build your brand.


*Revision of article originally published 11/25/2012